Cinnamon Stick, Vanilla Yogurt, Grape Jelly, Fudge

This coffee is artful, unique, stunning, and somehow more than the sum of those descriptors. It comes from one of Costa Rica's most acclaimed estates, Cordillera de Fuego, and it represents a proprietary processing technique called "Termico" (Thermic). The Termico process is pretty involved, but here's a Cliff's Notes summary...

First, coffee cherries are hand-picked for ripeness and sugar content. Next, the fruit gets semi-washed, and then -- get ready for the piece de resistance -- the Cordillera crew busts out a heating stage. This signature step caramelizes some of the mucilage onto the bean, and therein lies the magic: fruit-borne caramelization decking an already stellar coffee. 

You get the point. This one is unusual. But iconoclasm isn't an achievement in and of itself (if it were, Crystal Pepsi would still line shelves). The brew has to bring flavor. On that front, this Termico delivers.

Cinnamon stick is the big note here. Next comes a velvety hit of vanilla yogurt, followed by grape jelly. The finish throws accelerant onto the velvety mouthfeel with a dash of fudge. The flavors bloom on the cool, and the coffee's finish is as lasting as its impression. The summary: this is one of the very very good ones.

  • Process - Termico
  • Region - Tarrazu
  • Farm - Cordillera de Fuego
  • Altitude - 1600 - 1750 meters
  • Varietal - Caturra, Catuai

Recommended For:

  • Pour Over
  • Aeropress
  • Drip Machine
  • French Press
  • Single Origin Espresso

Unless otherwise stated, all coffees are sold in 12 oz bags.