Kiwi, Pink Lemonade, Honeyed Herbs, Orange Blossom

El Obraje's Washed Gesha is a special brew. The most recent harvest won the 2021 Cup of Excellence, and from sip-one, you can see why. It's a blue-chip stunner that's good enough to slow time. You sip; the clock goes static; the world stops spinning. 

Hacienda El Obraje began as a grain operation focusing on wheat until the Colombian government turned to grain imports in the early 90s. Left without a business, the farm's owner, Pablo Guerrera, took a risk on a Colombian staple: coffee. But his farm wasn't exactly well-suited to the crop. El Obraje stands at 2,300 MASL, far higher than most other coffee farms, and suffers from inadequate rainfall and swamp-like humidity. To produce usable harvests, El Obraje had to do things that would have shuttered less audacious farms. They irrigated water from retention ponds; they speckled the landscape with shade trees; they constructed a mill for processing; they waited - and waited - and waited - for their trees to adapt to the farm's strange micro-climate. It was a years-long effort packed with sweat and risk, but the rewards have been remarkable. Today, the coffee El Obraje produces is totally unique, born from agricultural adaptation, underdog trees, and overachieving farmers.

This Gesha is the kind of brew that justifies pour over neuroses. We sweat scale discrepancies, pre-rinse filters, sift grinds and toss the fines into an envelope, so they can be mailed along with a strongly worded letter to grinder manufacturers -- and we do it all for coffees like this. Can you cram it into a Mr. Coffee? Sure. But you can also plop A1 Wagyu onto the rust-worn skids of a George Foreman Grill -- that doesn't make it advisable. Brew this one with care, and it returns the favor in spades.
  • Process - Washed
  • Region - Narino
  • Farm/Producer - El Obraje/Pablo Guerrero
  • Altitude - 2300 MASL
  • Varietal - Gesha

Best for:

  • Pour Over
  • Aeropress
  • Immersion
  • Single Origin Espresso (non-dairy)

Unless otherwise stated, all coffees are sold in 12 oz bags.