Concord Grape, Juicy Acidity, Syrupy Body, Walnut

This coffee is special. It beat nearly 2,000 competitors to emerge as a Finalist in this year's Land of Diversity competition. The crop was listed as the fifteenth lot in the competition's namesake auction. To describe it as rare understates its scarcity, to describe it as elegant undercuts its refinement, and to describe it as exciting understates our enthusiasm for it. It's a jaw dropping, show stopping, crown jewel offering.

For years, Narino has enjoyed a reputation as one of the world's finest growing regions. It produces juicy coffees, packed bright fruits, florals, often hints of walnut on the finish. Most of its output comes from cooperatives and larger estates, but nestled into the high-up crags of the Andes are a series of small farms that produce the region's most exceptional crops. Lot 15 comes from one such farm -- Eliodoro.

The Eliodoro farm belongs to Melida Rosero Ordonez (pictured above). Melida has two decades of farming experience and an uncompromising bent. Lot 15's magic owes as much to those qualities as it does to Narino's volcanic soil and stratospheric elevations. First, Melida scours the trees, hand-picking cherries for ripeness. She banks those cherries in open tanks for 28 hours of fermentation, then washes them to sparkling cleanliness. The processing closes with a drying period: six days on a sun-soaked patio. This kind of care and attention to process is rare, and the results speak for themselves.

Lot 15 is juicy. That tasting note gets thrown around a good deal in the specialty coffee world, particularly where Colombian coffees are concerned, and its ubiquity threatens to cheapen its meaning. But here the shoe fits to bespoke effect. Consider the Concord Grape: sweet with a touch of acid, dry with a dash of viscosity, thick with a natural effervescence. That's this coffee. It's syrupy but never cloying, bright but never tart or citric. The acid at work here is the sweet grape variety, and the finish is Tolstoy long. 

We could spill ink about this coffee all day long, but, really, the best way to know it is to try it. It's wonderful, limited, and it won't stick around forever. Grab yourself a bag.

  • Process - Washed
  • Region - San Pablo, Narino
  • Altitude - 1730 MASL
  • Varietal - Castillo

Best for:

  • Pour Over
  • Single Origin Espresso
  • French Press
  • Drip

All coffees are sold in 12 oz. bags. If you would like us to grind for you, please note the preference in the order notes, making sure to also include your brewing device.