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Orange and Yellow Fruits, Black Tea, Clove, Honey

This one's kind of a big deal. Roasters can only get their hands on Daterra Masterpieces at auction, making them about as exclusive as coffees come. Daterra stands among the best-regarded farms in Brazil. Over the years, it has gathered fame for what it dubs "Masterpieces," tiny lots featuring unique varietals, innovative processing, and sky-high cupping scores (no less than 88). In the words of Daterra, "[Masterpieces] have unique cup profiles... and are grown with history and can never be replicated." Once a year, Daterra holds its Masterpiece auction, and roasters cue up to grab bags. Snagging one is pretty tough, so I'm proud to have this guy in my arsenal.

"The Armadillo" is a Paraiso coffee, a hybrid varietal that's gemstone rare. The folks at Daterra decided to process it via an equally unusual pulped anaerobic method, which blends the sweetness of a honey process with the lactic tones of oxygen-suppressed fermentation. A friend of MFC tried this coffee and marveled that it doesn't even taste like coffee. That may be overstating it — it's unmistakably coffee — but it's a worthwhile observation. The aroma is like perfume; the flavors are firecracker bright. Orange and yellow fruits open the cup (think Minneolas and Meyer Lemon). They ride a tea-like wave with tannins that recall English Breakfast. There's peach in the mix and a delightfully silky mouthfeel, but the piece de resistance comes on the finish, which dishes a curveball combination of clove and honey that lingers for days.

Daterra Masterpiece "The Armadillo" is available in limited quantities. Daterra will never produce it again, so if you want in, delay no time!

  • Farm - Daterra
  • Region - Cerrado
  • Varietal - Paraiso
  • Processing - Pulped Anaerobic Fermentation
  • Altitude - 1,150 MASL

Best for:

  • Pour Over
  • Aeropress
  • Single Origin Espresso
  • French Press