Toffee, Blackcurrant, Almond Butter

Gregoria Miranda is the wizard behind this crop. His farm sits in southern Peru in the Department of Cusco and boasts stratospheric elevations, along with some damn talented Bourbon trees. Bourbon coffees are renowned for their sweetness, and Gregoria's work sets that quality in a museum-worthy frame. For processing, Gregoria hands the coffee to another Peruvian coffee genius: Prudencio Vargas Saenz, the founder of Valle Inca. Prudencio processes the crop with 36 hours of wet fermentation and 15 - 20 days of drying on raised beds. The result is a cup that's effortlessly clean, infinitely approachable, and sweeter than a candy maker's pantry.

Toffee is the big note here; it plays with the subtlety of an 80s rock band. As if to tame the sugar, a wave of blackcurrant crashes on the cool. On the finish, there's a bold hit of almond butter. To be very clear, this note is not almond; it's almond butter. There's magic in the pulverization of almonds into a buttery paste, and this coffee harnesses it with peerless elegance.

The summary? This brew is three-ways exceptional. 1) It's a sweet-as-candy Bourbon. 2) It's a clean-as-linen washed coffee. 3) It's a perfect representation of how awesome Peruvian coffees can be. 

  • Varietal - Bourbon
  • Process - Washed
  • Region - Cusco
  • Elevation - 2,000 MASL

Best for:

  • Pour Over
  • French Press
  • Drip Machine
  • Aeropress
  • Single Origin Espresso
  • Dairy-Based Espresso

Unless otherwise stated, all coffees are sold in 12 oz bags.