Mint, Cardamom, Honey Poached Pear, Lemon

If the specialty coffee world has a holy grail note, it might be mint. Think of mint as a JD Salinger tone: reclusive, but jaw-dropping when it shows. Now, in (admittedly overwrought) extension of our metaphor, think of this coffee as a Catcher in the Rye brew. It captures the mint and lays it bare with Salinger-like panache.

Hailing from one of Colombia's most esteemed producers, Johan Vergara of Finca Las Flores, this coffee consists of pure semi-washed Yellow Bourbon. The semi-washing shows dominantly in the cup, lending heavily to the mint. Varietal purity plays an instrumental role, too; the Yellow Bourbon throws yet another klieg light on that headline note. And, as with all top-notch brews, the quality of production can't be overstated. 

The cup opens with—you guessed it—a big brash mint medley. Spearmint leaves mingle with crushed tabs of powdery peppermint. Wintergreen strikes pack a bracing peppery punch. Behind the mint is a flash of cardamom, followed by a sweetness that smacks heavily of honey soaked pears. Finally, lending a final flourish, a dose of lemon rounds out the cup. 

So fire up your pour over kettle and run a Grindz tablet through your handheld. This one deserves every bit of ceremony you can manage. Grab it while it lasts. 

  • Varietal - Yellow Bourbon
  • Processing - Semi Washed
  • Region - Huila, Colombia
  • Farm - Finca Las Flores
  • Producer - Johan Vergara
  • Altitude - 1,750 MASL

Best for:

  • Pour Over
  • French Press
  • Aeropress
  • Drip Machine
  • Single Origin Espresso
  • Non-Traditional Dairy Applications

Unless otherwise stated, all coffees are sold in 12 oz bags.