Mango, Warm Honey, Key Lime Pie

This washed honey-toned brew comes from landrace trees that once grew wild in Ethiopia's fabled coffee forests. The growing altitude? Himalayan. The zone? Sidamo. The processing? Immaculate. But the producer here deserves the brightest spot.

Heleanna Georgalis comes from coffee royalty. Her father, Yiannis—a coffee biz legend—founded the Moplaco washing station in 1972. When Heleanna reached adulthood, she headed to Europe to pursue a career in finance. The future seemed clear; Heleanna would spend her days investing while her father spent his tending to coffee trees. But then Yiannis suffered a heart attack and passed away, casting the future of the family business into the murk. What did Heleanna do? She packed her things, moved back to Ethiopia, and took over the station. Under her leadership, the family business has soared to stunning new heights, and today, Moplaco produces some of the most reliably exceptional brews in the origin. 
This coffee opens with more mango than a South Pacific isle. It's the mature variety. Velvety. Golden. Ineffably sweet. A quilt of honey smothers the fruit, but to leave it at that would tempt yellowjacket wrath. This is warm honey. Rich and somehow creamy. You know those cloudy unpasteurized mason jars you see sun-bathing at summer farmer's markets? That's the honey in this brew. Those two notes—mango and warm honey—are louder than an AC30, but there's a third musketeer in the flavor profile that's worthy of mention: key lime pie, replete with grainy crust and foamy crown. All in all, it's a dazzling representation of the origin, and a testament to the work of one of the industry's most impressive figures. 
  • Process - Washed
  • Varietal - Ethiopia Landraces
  • Altitude - 2,300 MASL
  • Washing Station - Moplaco
  • Fermentation - 36 Hours in Cement Tanks
  • Drying - 11 Days on Raised Beds

Best for:

  • Pour Over
  • Drip Machine
  • Aeropress
  • French Press

Unless otherwise stated, all bags are sold in 12 oz quantities.