Wild Blueberry, Passion Fruit, Lavender

This offering comes from one of Ethiopia's most acclaimed brands, Daye Bensa. It placed in the top ten in Ethiopia's Cup of Excellence, and last year's harvest brought down the MFC house. Sourced from loads of out-growers in and around the Shantawene village in Sidamo, it's a certified organic Grade 1 crop, the highest category in the Ethiopian system, and it's everything you want in an Ethiopian natural.

Blueberry is the big cupping note here, but it's worth being more nuanced about the tone than those three syllables allow. The blueberry vibe in dry processed brews can be broken down into several subcategories—wild blueberry, conventional blueberry, overripe, underripe, and blueberry candy—with each suggestive of slightly different flavor expressions. This one falls in the wild blueberry category, an even mix of sweet and tart. But it's not the only note in the symphony. Present in large measure is a lively hit of passion fruit, and as the cup cools, a fantastic lavender note emerges. The sum of these flavor parts is a blueberry bomb with tropical stylings that makes it impossible not to love. 

  • Process - Natural (Dry) Process
  • Region - Sidamo, Shantawene Village
  • Altitude - 1900 - 2300 meters
  • Varietal - Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars

Recommended For:

  • Pour Over
  • Drip Machine
  • Espresso
  • French Press

All coffees are sold in 12 oz. bags. If you would like us to grind for you, please note the preference in the order notes, making sure to also include your brewing device.