Strawberry Cheesecake, Rose Wine, Maraschino Cherry, Stewed Fruit & Cream

This one's kind of a big deal. Roasters can only get their hands on Daterra Masterpieces at auction, making them about as exclusive as coffees come. Daterra stands among the best-regarded farms in Brazil. Over the years, it has gathered fame for what it dubs "Masterpieces," tiny lots featuring unique varietals, innovative processing, and sky-high cupping scores (no less than 88). In the words of Daterra, "[Masterpieces] have unique cup profiles... and are grown with history and can never be replicated." Once a year, Daterra holds its Masterpiece auction, and roasters cue up to grab bags. Snagging one is pretty tough, so I'm proud to have this guy in my arsenal.

This lot, dubbed "Victor," is exclusive to My Friend's Coffee. It's composed of an ultra rare hybrid varietal called Aramosa. Aramosa beans are small, ironically so given their outsized flavor. They brew rich, syrupy cups with a sumptuous mouthfeel. Daterra put this one through an anaerobic natural process, but there's pretty much no anaerobic funk. Instead, it delivers a cup worthy of a spot on a fine-dining dessert menu.

The headline note here is cheesecake. The berries land as sweet and deliciously tart, and the cheesecake puts them in a luscious, creamy frame. Rose wine shows next. Dry. Just shy of boozy. Coming on its heels is a hit of Maraschino cherry that adds viscosity to the cheesecake base. On the finish, you'll catch some stewed fruit and nutmeg, the type you might serve with a dollop of cream and cap with a cup of port. The whole thing is dazzling and fitting of the label Masterpiece.

Daterra Masterpiece "Victor" will never be produced again, and you can only get it here. If you want in, delay no time.

  • Farm - Daterra
  • Region - Cerrado
  • Varietal - Aramosa
  • Processing - Anaerobic Natural
  • Altitude - 1,150 MASL

Best for:

  • Pour Over
  • Aeropress
  • Single Origin Espresso
  • French Press