Leather, Pipe Tobacco, Dates, Zinfandel

Yemeni coffees are the single malts of the coffee universe, with a reputation for excellence that traces back to the birth of the trade. Their flavors resist characterization; their aromatics are more saturated than an iPhone camera filter. A good Yemeni coffee curls its drinker like Rodin's Thinker. You don't just sip it, you consider it. 

This Matari makes for a wild, rustic cup. It's packed with untamed appeal, but retains a sweetness that you don't often find in earthy cups. The profile opens with a hit of leather. Next comes some sweet tobacco, rich and dominant. As the cup cools, more nuanced notes emerge: sugary dates mugging alongside a spicy punch of Zinfandel. It's one of those head-spinning brews that's unique to Yemen and its heirloom trees. Have it for a special occasion, or no occasion at all. 

  • Process - Natural (Dry) Process
  • Region - Bani Matar
  • Varietal - Heirloom Yemeni Varietals

Recommended For:

  • Pour Over
  • French Press
  • Aeropress
  • Drip
  • Single Origin Espresso

Unless otherwise stated, all bags are sold in 12 oz. If you would like us to grind for you, please note the preference in the order notes, making sure to also include your brewing device.