Orange Blossom, Cracker Jacks, Hazelnut

Java traces its roots to the Ethiopian coffee forests. The Dutch discovered it some years ago, and brought it to Java, which was a Dutch colony at the time. There, it gained a reputation for excellence. Today, the Java varietal is a specialty darling. Coffee geeks go nuts for its Gesha-like florals, and more and more of the world’s best farms are planting it.

This coffee has New Year’s float florals. Orange Blossom is the big guy, but there are others, and the florists among you will go weak at the knees. There's also a Cracker Jack tone, which makes for a fascinating companion. Floral brews usually have flavors like tea or citrus riding shotgun. It's rare to find one that matches blossoms with ballpark Cracker Jacks. On the finish, you’ll catch hazelnut, and as the flavors meld, the cup develops an excellent chewy quality.

Bottom line: it’s the perfect blend of complex flavor and nostalgic comfort, and it reps the Java varietal with as much aplomb as it does the El Socorro brand.

  • Farm - El Socorro
  • Region - Palencia, Guatemala Department
  • Varietal - Java
  • Process - Washed
  • Altitude - 1,700 MASL

Best for:

  • Pour Over
  • French Press
  • Drip Machine
  • Aeropress
  • Bright, Non Dairy Espresso