The Story

My Friend's Coffee is the project of a hobbyist, who built an underground following by out-roasting the best coffee shops in Southern California. It started as a friends-only coffee club, but word spread and a business was born. We don't do blends, and we're on a crusade against French Roasts (with apologies to those who have yet to sense the tragedy in a deeply charred bean). We suggest you take our coffees black. You'll thank us.

Single Origin Coffees

Rare Coffees

Green Coffee


My Friend's Coffee is a word-of-mouth operation. We don't have a shop. We just roast coffee good enough to tell your friends about. If you're here, it's probably because someone told you to check us out, and that's exactly how we like it.

Personal Service

This business is about connection. That means direct contact with customers, providing brewing advice, purchasing guidance, or just shooting the breeze about everyone's favorite drink.

Join the Friend's List

We get it, newsletters are usually worthless - this one isn't. We've got loads of coffees that aren't listed here on the site: rare varietals, experimental processes, competition winners, etc. We announce them via this email list and give subscribers first crack/exclusive discounts. If you don't sign up, you're missing out (don't be a half-friend!).