My Friend's Coffee wasn't supposed to be a business. It started with a guy in his backyard, tinkering with a roaster, churning out coffee that outpaced the best third wave joints in Los Angeles. At first, he roasted for family; they told friends. Then he roasted for friends; they told their friends. This cycle of expansion continued until the demand demanded a company, branded with an apt name, My Friend's Coffee.

My Friend's Coffee remains a home-roasting outfit and intends to stay that way. Home-roasters are obsessives. Tinkerers. Do-it-yourselfers who gather skills that those in the clock-in, clock-out world don't. They mod their machines with gadgets, plug them with probes, dapple them with dials. They buck conventional wisdom and bend roasting orthodoxy to taste. When they do this long enough, they get good -- real good, as it turns out.
Our goal is to communicate the DIY spirit to every friend we roast for. We still pack our coffee in their original brown bags. We still tag them with sharpie and drop them on doorsteps all over Los Angeles. We still promise coffee roasted to order, and we still approach every batch with the zeal of a hobbyist. We do it because we enjoy it. We hope you feel the same.