Yemen Mokha Matari

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Leather, Pipe Tobacco, Dried Fig

Yemeni coffees are the single malts of the coffee universe with a reputation for excellence that traces back to the birth of the trade. This offering makes for a wild, earthy cup. It's packed with rustic appeal, leather, pipe tobacco, and dried fruit sweetness. As espresso, it's wonderfully untamed. As pour over, it's as complex as a math equation. Have it for a special occasion -- or no occasion at all. 

  • Process - Natural (Dry) Process
  • Region - Bani Matar
  • Varietal - Heirloom Yemeni Varietals

Recommended For:

  • Pour Over
  • Espresso

All coffees are sold in 12 oz. bags. If you would like us to grind for you, please note the preference in the order notes, making sure to also include your brewing device.